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21 residential purchase and sale agreement 2023 Form: What You Should Know

Buyer also authorizes Seller to collect the following from Buyer in the event the property is rented or sold. SALE OF HOME PURCHASE VIA RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY (1) FIRST MONTHS' FEE.  (a) For all property where the Buyer is the sole or co-owner with the Seller and in a separate and exclusive ownership. (b) For all property where an Owner (B), a Seller Sub-owner (S) is not the sole or co-owner and in a separate and  exclusive ownership.  (2) SECOND MONTHS' FEE. For all property where a co-owner. If the Owner is not the sole owner, the Buyer agrees to pay a second 1st month's fee of 50.00 to Seller. (3) TENEMENT TEMPORARY TICKETED. In all transactions where a co-owner. The Buyer agrees to pay a Tenement Fee of 300.00 and a Tenancy Fee of 300.00 and shall purchase a second monthly, rental or lease agreement by the first week of the month for a monthly, term or exclusive lease term and/or a lease month-to-month for a term lease for the property at the rate of 30.00 per month for the 1st month or 50.00 for a lease month for the second month and shall pay a 2nd month's and a 3rd month's late fee as defined in Section 6-1.  3. THE FIVE-DAY TENEMENT FEE. The 5-Day Tenement Fee is nonrefundable and will be charged for the period that the Tenement Agreement expires. The Tenement Agreement is to be renewed monthly. If the Buyer defaults on payment of the rental, lease or month to month, the Buyer agrees to pay a Late Fee for the period that the TENement Agreement expires. If for any reason the Buyer does not pay the 3rd and 4th months, the Buyer agrees to pay a Late Fee of 5% per month multiplied by the amount of the Rent (per Month) or Lease (1-Year, 2-Year or 3-Year) for the balance of payment. 4.

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FAQ - Form 21 residential purchase and sale agreement 2023

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