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I've repeatedly told my real estate agent to cancel my purchase?

Its natural for the agent to attempt to negotiate in order to overcome whatever concern you have thats what we do. Sometimes a solution materializes which the parties can accept. In your case, notify your agents broker. They are obligated by law to follow your instructions, even if they dont like your decision. Keep notes of each time you communicated with the agent and broker. (April 1, 12 pm. Left vm for agent instructing to cancel). If the broker doesnt respond, notify the local real estate board/association (youll find them online). If needed, contact the state department of real estate. Request your broker to acknowledge your instruction in writing (email is okay) and ask them to provide a Cancellation (form) signed by the seller. They cannot force the seller to sign, but the request would certainly inform the seller that theres an issue. If the broker warns you about consequences of your cancellation listen well. If the reason for, or method by which, youre canceling is not allowed by the contract, you could be in breach and liable to the seller. You could also be liable to the brokerage for the sales commission, however thats less likely. Good luck.

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